30 отговора на FIFA 13 излезе

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    • / Darin, well I classify myself as agnostic. Existence of a diety can't be proven or disproven. If a gun was held to my head forcing me to pick, I'd say there isn't. So agnostic-atheist if you prefer. But there's no absolutes here.

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      lady está verde de envidia porque sabe que no tiene ninguna posibilidad Ay, si la envidia fuese tiña… las tiñosas serían ustedes, hermanasel panadero que habeis estado persiguiendo toda la semanaOinch, pues yo le sigo viendo atracativísimo… si es que está casi tan güenorro como el prior

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      at wrote: “…not in union with Christ who left us very definite commandments to follow in order to join him in heaven.”Which is why they opted for the prot plot in the first place:1. Quicky divorce/remarriage – cool!2. Confession – out!3. Penance – out!4. Magisterium – out!Et cetera….Much easier when one can make it up as he likes, changing with the wind.

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      Cheers, Rob. Yes that’s my hunch too. It would certainly be seen as an unprofessional decision these days. I wonder if people saw it like that at the time, though, a few years after a war which had killed millions, or whether it would have been seen as a glorious thing to die trying.

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    аз имам проблем и със тази игра и със фифа мениджър 13 като дам да зареди със даемъна ми изписва че неможе да се инициализира… ако някой може да помогне
    да ми пише във фб

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    Играта е супер, но ще е още по-добре ако можем да играем и с българските отбори 🙂 Искам да питам ще има ли BFL Patch тази година ?

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